Reform Fund Linked to the
Inclusion of Roma and other Vulnerable Groups

Frequently Asked Questions

October 22, 2014


Frequently asked questions within Line 2 of the Roma Inclusion Fund and their specific answer. 

1.      Should small grants be sent to the Department for Interethnic Relations for approval first?

Applications for small grants should be sent to the Programme Management Unit in electronic form, to the email address:, the same way as applications for large grants.  According to the TFA, the DIR has an allocated ratio of 20 per cent out of the budget of Line 2. Small grants will be evaluated under the same principle as large grants; however, those projects that will not receive a favourable recommendation from DIR within the Grant Evaluation Committee will not be invited to submit a full-scale application.

2.      Can we submit a project if we are from another county than the ones that are favoured according to the Guidelines?

Any NGO registered in Romania can apply in its own or in partnership regardless of the geographical area where it is registered. In the guidelines it is stated that eligible projects are preferably implemented in the following counties, also targeted by Line 1: Maramures, Satu Mare, Bihor, Cluj, Mures, Olt, Gorj and Dolj, however this does not exclude NGOs from other counties.

      3.      When will the process of evaluation be concluded? If an NGO is contracted, when can we expect to start implementing the projects?

 Expressions of interest (EoI) will be submitted until November 3, 2014. Evaluation of the EoI is expected to be concluded no later than mid-December 2014. Those who are invited to submit a full-scale proposal will have 60 days to develop their projects, thus the deadline for submitting the projects will be approximately mid-February 2015. Evaluation of the full-scale applications is expected to be concluded no later than the end of March, 2015. Contracting will take place in April-May 2015, after which the activities under each project can be implemented.

4.      Can an organization apply if it already receives funding from Line 1?

No. An organization receiving funding from Line 1 cannot apply as lead applicant, only as partner.

5.      How do we prove experience in economic activities or in working with Roma?

By presenting the activities of the applicant NGO and its partners, if the case, by describing a project the NGO or its partners have undertaken; and/or by the CVs of the key personnel in the project.

     6.  Where can we find and download the budget form?

      For the call for the expression of interests applicants are not required to submit a budget form. Each organization will indicate the global budget and the amount of co-financing in the expression of interest. The budget form will be available to all those organizations that will be invited to submit a full-scale application.     

      7.  Can a Swiss organization be partner in the project?

In accordance with the Framework Agreement between Switzerland and Romania, Swiss organizations can be partners in the project.