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MET project

Economic Opportunities for Multi-ethnic Villages is a project implemented by Mihai Eminescu Trust Foundation and aims at empowering the communities through economic activities.

Project’s title

Economic Opportunities for Multi-ethnic Villages

Executive agency: Mihai Eminescu Trust Foundation

Partners on Line 2

Mihai Eminescu Trust Foundation

Local Authority of Vânâtori commune

Value of Swiss co-financing: CHF 159,155.00

Duration: 15.10.2015 - 31.05.2017

Overall Objective: The overall goal of the project is the empowerment of Roma communities to take part in the formal economy.


The economic empowerment of the members of Roma communities in Archita (Mureș County) and Mălâncrav (Sibiu County) to successfully create by the end of the project at least two social economy or individual enterprise structures.

The objectives of the projects are to strengthen community relations, in order to combat discrimination of Roma communities, and increase the sale of locally handcrafted objects produced by Roma craftsmen with at least 500 items, through new Channels.

Projects’ localities

Mureș county: Archita

Sibiu county: Mălâncrav

Brașov county: Viscri

Components: Economic empowerment

Beneficiaries: Roma craftsmen families

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