Reform Fund Linked to the
Inclusion of Roma and other Vulnerable Groups

Programme Management Unit

As provided in Annex 4, chapter B. 4. point 2 of the Framework Agreement, the Thematic Fund linked to the Inclusion of Roma and other vulnerable groups is to be implemented by a Romanian Programme Management Unit (PMU). The PMU is a separate unit of staff hosted by the Department for Interethnic Relations (DIR) within the General Secretariat of the Romanian Government.

The PMU supports the management and monitoring of projects implemented under Line 1 and manages and monitors the activities co-financed under Line 2, according to a programme concept elaborated by the PMU and approved by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). Line 2 of the Fund contributes to the economic empowerment of Roma and vulnerable groups.

The PMU maintains close links with the representative of SDC in Romania, the Swiss Contribution Office (SCO), and DIR, consults them on strategic, as well as management issues, and informs them regularly about upcoming events or emerging tasks. The activity of PMU is jointly overseen by SCO and DIR.